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Displays informations according to the ip of the visitor like the county, the city, a map, the ip and the user agent as a nice summup in the sidebar o

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Comment Info Detector

Enables you to detect your commenterÂ’s info and show their country flag, web browser, operating system icons automatically.

User Agent Displayer

the User Agent Displayer plugin displays the Browser and the operating system, user used to leave a comment.

Comment Technical Data

Adds additional technical information to comment notifications, including referrer, User-Agent, and a lot more.


This plugin changes the unique theme way of thinking and propose a user-agent dependant switching theme. You'll be able to change the theme of yo

Advanced User Agent Displayer

This wordpress plugin adds user agent information to your blog comments by adding browser and platform icons and lets visitors know the user agent of

Show Useragent

Show visitors' IP to Country Flag, Web Browser, Operating System icons on WordPreess comment list.


A simple User-Agent detection plugin that lets you easily insert icons and/or textual web browser and operating system details with each comment.


Block Custom User Agent

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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