Codecanyon plugins and scripts

WP-Syntax Colorizer

A plugin allowing you to easily set all the WP-Syntax color settings in one place and configure WP-Syntax to fit your theme.

Codecanyon plugins

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Themeforest wordpress

Best (wordpress) themes and templates for your site!


BlogMechanics Theme Gallery

This is a Wordpress theme gallery plugin that allows you to upload/download/manage
any number themes on your blog.

LMB^Box Child Theme Hierarchy

Allows child themes to use their template files before the parent theme’s template files.

Retro-Dashboard Admin Theme

This plugin implements an admin theme which results in the Dashboard looking
similar (but not exactly) to how it looked prior to the 2.5 release.

CSS:Greyscaper Admin color schemes

Greyscaper admin CSS for WordPress 2.5+.

Simple Reverse Comments

Displays the comments in reverse order.

Baltic Amber Themes & Schemes

With Baltic Amber Themes & Schemes easily create unique color schemes
for your WordPress administration panel and adjust to your preferences.

Disable Theme Preview

Disables the cool but sometimes annoying theme preview feature added in WordPress 2.6.

OneClick Installer

(Obsolete) OneClick is a plugin which allows you to install plugins and themes from zip files on your disk, zip file urls, or Firefox.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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