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Templatedia Chess

Creates a new template in Templatedia for displaying chess moves.

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Create and manage dynamic templates for use in posts and pages.


Version: 0.2.0

Persistent Templates

Persistent Templates makes your custom templates “persistent”, in that all child sub-pages inherit their parent’s template setting.

Page Template Extended

Create templates for a specific page by its ID – like categories.
Subpages inherit templates from their parents.

Templates for Posts

The same as page templates, but for posts.


This plugin allows the edition of email templates and have the funtions api to used in other pluguins that integrated this plugin.

Page Blocks

This plugin extends WordPress pages by allowing widgets to be placed above and below the page content reducing the need to code custom page templates.


A WordPress plugin which allows you to create templates for your asides posts. Instantly.

Digital Raindrops Page Styles

This plugin enables admin users of WordPress to assign a different Style Sheets per page from the themes directory.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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