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BuddyPress Group Tags

Categorize BuddyPress groups using tags. Show a clickable tag cloud above the group listings or as a widget.

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Integrates FreshTags functionality into WordPress…

Simple Tagging Import

This import plugin makes it possible to import tags created with Simple Tagging into the native tagging structure.

Tag Functions

This plugin adds a template function and sidebar widget that produces a tag list similar to the category list.

Category Tagging

Using categories as tags in WordPress. This plugin provides a tag cloud and related posts. When using this plugin, you can use the WordPress’ catego

Simple Tagging Widget

Widget plugin to show a tag cloud generated by the WordPress plugin “Simple Tagging”.

Category Cloud Widget

The Category Cloud Widget is a widget that displays your categories as a tag cloud in your sidebar.

Google Sitemaps – Append UTW Tags

Automatically appends all your blog tags onto the end of your Google XML sitemap file.

Simple Tagging

Simple Tagging is another tagging plugin for Wordpress: smarter, better, faster 🙂 Tag Cloud, Related Posts, Related Tags, Tags Tabs (new!) and more.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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