Codecanyon plugins and scripts

P2P Social Networker

P2P social networking in between blogs, no central server involved.

Codecanyon plugins

Best (wordpress) plugins and scripts for your site!


Themeforest wordpress

Best (wordpress) themes and templates for your site!



The plugin sends a message to the HelloTXT social notification network when a post is published in WordPress.

Social Gator

Social Gator is an aggreGATOR of all of your social networks. This plugin will enable a widget that you can customize to update your site’s sidebar wi


Publishes your Wordpress posts to Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

Gigya Toolbar – Increase traffic and revenues

Add the Gigya Toolbar for Free and increase traffic and revenues!


The Social Media Marketing Plugin that lets you put social bookmarking links in your posts and other pages.

WordPress G_Buzz_Button

Wordpress G_Buzz_Button adds button “Buzz This” in your WordPress.

Mingle Donation Button

Enables your mingle users to add a paypal donation button to their profile pages…


WP-Walla is an plugin that allows you to get your checkins from Gowalla and present in sidebar as a widget.

Bubblecast Video for WordPress

Bubblecast video plugin is one of the best Wordpress video plugin. Embed, upload or record video of your own or Youtube video into your blog posts

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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