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This is a bridge between Wordpress and (SMF) forums. It provides complete user
integration through the use of two plugins, one in

Codecanyon plugins

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Themeforest wordpress

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WordPress Post to SMF

Version: 1.5

This plugin adds Wordpress posts as topics in SimpleMachines Forum 1.1.7, and links the WP post to the comments in the forum

SMF Bridge

User registration and login bridge between Wordpress and Simple Machine Forum

PixoPoint Theme Integrator

Description: Dynamically integrates your WordPress theme into other softwares. Adds the ability to use WordPress widgets and menus in many other softw

WPSMF – WordPress to SMF

Automatically posts wordpress post to a SMF board.

Silverlight Media Player for WordPress

Silverlight Media Player for WordPress allows a WordPress user to specify media URL (either normal download or Smooth Streaming) to embed video in the

BuddyPress SMF Import

Imports boards and users from SMF 1.1x forums to BuddyPress (forums) / WordPress (users)


Plugin with multi-widget functionality that builds an SMF Forum RSS feed url by user option choices; and, displays a SMF forum feed.

SMF Group Members

New admin screen with group dropdown! This widget displays all members from a SMF forum. It can display only the names or name + avatar image. Support


Login bridge from Simple Machine Forum to Wordpress.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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