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Blogs Mexico Ping

Envia pings de manera automatica hacia Blogs Mexico, cada vez que publiques una nueva entrada.

Codecanyon plugins

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Themeforest wordpress

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Prevents WordPress from eating pings that come too quickly in succession (i.e. a single post linking to more than one of your pages).


Adds a sidebar widget to display Website uptime using Pingdom, with which you must have an account and api key.

Blogs Perú Ping

Envia pings de manera automática a cada vez que publiquemos una nueva entrada o editemos alguna entrada.

Dextaz Ping

Ping Update Services and record the time

Notifixious Plugin

Current Version : 0.8

This a plugin for Wordpress that uses the []( API. Notifixious is a simple notification ser

WP PingFM to post

Inspired by the most excellent by Custom URL plugin by Matt Jacob. This is a much cruder, simpler plugin that does something vaguely similar.

Clipta Video Informer

Promote your video content and site with Clipta Informer Network. This plugin helps publishers add news seamlessly as they make posts with WordPress.

Sitemap Index

Automaticly generates virtual sitemaps and sitemap index in the XML format.

Ping List Checker

A WordPress plugin which lets you check your ping list. It can be used to verify all domains in the ping list are unique and can also be used to test

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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