Codecanyon plugins and scripts

Blue Network Plugins!

Separates active network plugins from inactive ones on the Wordpress network plugins page. Requires Wordpress Multisite.

Codecanyon plugins

Best (wordpress) plugins and scripts for your site!


Themeforest wordpress

Best (wordpress) themes and templates for your site!


One Backend Language

Lets you choose your Backend Language for your complete Backend, also if your Frontend is using another Lang (including Multisite)

Edit Category Slug (Multisite)

Allows to specify or edit a category slug in WordPress Multisite.

Edit Tag Slug (Multisite)

Allows to specify or edit a tag slug in WordPress Multisite.

Multisite Switcher

In a multisite configuration, add a dropdown menu in administration to let you switch between sites admin.

Theme Switch and Preview

Allows admins or all visitors to switch the blog theme. Has a restricted preview mode for your clients and includes a widget.


Automatically advertise related products from and Amazon partner sites (DE,JP,FR,CA), showing products specifically related to your posts.

WordPress MU Theme Stats

Adds submenu to see theme stats, shows themes by user and most popular themes.

Switch Site Rewrite

Makes permalinks work properly when uing switch_to_blog

Plugins Enabler

Works only for WordPress multisite. This plugin adds the ability to only show the plugins you enabled for a blog.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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