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Snap Shots for

Add Snap Shots(TM) to your blog. Snap Shots is an open, extensible platform for creating, sharing, and distributing contextually relevant content.

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WP MusicMazaa makes it easier for you to embed MusicMazaa playlists in Wordpress using one simple tag.


Hides text behind a black text/black background tile. Holding the mouse over the text reveals it. Insipred by Something Awful’s spoiler system.

QuickTime Embed

Standards compliant QuickTime embedding in your blog posts using Javascript, supports vodcasting.


Older/Deprecated/Obsolete version of WP Movie2Blog plugin ( Please use WP Movie2Blog instead.

Movie2Blog (CinemaRx)

A plugin for inserting movie details into your posts.

The Movie Quotes

Movie Quotes widget will fetch the latest, random or top rated quotes from website, and display them on your blog.


Easily upload and publish video in your WordPress blog.

Joker Quotes

Displays randomly selected Joker quotes from the film The Dark Knight.

Nofollow Tags For Movies Sites

Nofollow Tags For Movies Sites adds the nofollow tag to all of your outgoing links to video hosting websites. Perfect if you’re running a movies blog.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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