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GeoMap generates a map image based on the geographical coordiantes associated with a post using Owen Winkler’s Geo plugin. It can generate a dot and/o

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Allows you to grab your current Plazes ( location given your Plazes username and password and publish a Google map with the result.

Sobek`s Posts in Category

Displays a list of the posts from one or more categories in virtually any way you want.

Find Us

Integrates Google Maps with your WordPress website

Your Planet Today widget

Displays an interactive map of the Earth generated from recent satellite photos.

Trekking Sudtirol Integration Wanderkarten

Mit diesem Plugin koennen Sie eine gesamte oder einen Ausschnitt der Suedtirol Wanderkarte mit dem digitalen Wandernetz Suedtirols schnell und einfach

AFC Google Map

The AFC Google Map plugin provides easy map navigation and displays geographical locations with your markers, polylines, polygons and layers.

Organisation Maps

This plugin provides a mapping capability built on the Google Maps API.


Bindet Geo-Tags, in den <head>-Bereich ein.

Inline Google Maps

This plugin will let you easily render Google Maps anywhere on your blog as a web service.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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