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Allows you to grab your current Plazes ( location given your Plazes username and password and publish a Google map with the result.

Codecanyon plugins

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Themeforest wordpress

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Ozh's IP To Nation

Guesses your visitor's Country from his IP


If post_date changes, chronological permalinks which contain parts of the old date will automatically redirect to the
new permalink. Works along with

Author Location

Allows authors to set their location, and then display it on a Google Map.

iPhone Google Map Tracking

This plugin displays a Google static map based on your latest update to


Post your Bright Kite location to your blog


Builds a map from given location, and draws lines between them.

Widget Locationizer

Widget Locationizer permits you to define where you want your widgets to appear. You may specify the tags, categories, and page/post IDs for which a GeoMarketing

Add, change, or remove content from your pages/posts based on your visitor’s location: country, state, metro area, and even city. Easy & 100% free


Displays informations according to the ip of the visitor like the county, the city, a map, the ip and the user agent as a nice summup in the sidebar o

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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