Codecanyon plugins and scripts

Sobek`s Posts in Category

Displays a list of the posts from one or more categories in virtually any way you want.

Codecanyon plugins

Best (wordpress) plugins and scripts for your site!


Themeforest wordpress

Best (wordpress) themes and templates for your site!


Excerpt Image Link

A plugin which looks for <IMG> tags in the excerpt and, if found, wraps them with a link to the post permalink.

Sphider for WordPress

Sphider search indexing integrated with WordPress.


Stylish Indexes for your WordPress Blog. Create alphabetical indexes of your posts, with headings, subheadings, and descriptions, based on post title,

Index tag page

With this plugin, you will be able to display an index with all your tags, sort alphabeticaly.

Index Authors page

With this plugin, you will be able to display an index with all your authorss, sort alphabeticaly.

WordPress Easy Index

WordPress Easy Index will create an table of contents for your WordPress Blog posts

Featured Posts

Display a featured post on your index.php or category pages.

PostLists-Extension EC3

This PostLists Extension provides orderby options, conditions and placeholders for the events created with Event Calendar 3 to be used for each post w

PostLists-Extension Repeat

With this extension for the WordPress plugin PostLists PostLists-lists can be configured to be repeated for each category, tag, author or postparent.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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