Codecanyon plugins and scripts

Broken Images

This plugin is designed to handle the broken images that might appear on the posts on your blog.

Codecanyon plugins

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Themeforest wordpress

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FCC Ribbon Manager

The Ribbon Manager plugin give the ability to add a side ribbon on the blog without touching the template file or the css.

ANIga gallery

Gallery plugin integrated into the WP post and comments system.

Power Thumbnail

Power Thumbnail can generate thumbnails with the existing attachment system. It offers two kinds of thumbnails – Basic Resizer & Advanced Zoomer.


Resamples images after they are resized in the post editor. This makes them look better and download faster.

myPh3 random image

Reads from your myPh3 gallery and shows a random image from it on you Wordpress blog

TTF Titles

This plugin provides two new template tags to replace plain text with
styled images.


Puts any uploaded file into database instead of hdd.

ImageScaler Modded

A plugin that automatic download and resize your images on Post when it larger than your width and height set on Option page.

Image Caption Easy

Transforms the alt text of an image into a caption which can be controlled through css.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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