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FriendFeed Activity Widget

The FriendFeed Activity Widget is a WordPress widget pulls your FriendFeed stream and shares it with visitors to your blog.

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FriendFeed Comments

Puts the comments and likes from FriendFeed on your posts.


mu (Microblog Updater) is a plugin that farms out links to your posts to your microblogs.


WP SUP implements FriendFeed’s [Simple Update Protocol]( “Simple Update Protocol”). Your blog posts will

Social Homes

Adds a sidebar widget containing a subtle list of all your social homes as linked favicons.


Allows you to spread your blog to 30+ social networks via Now with support for scheduled
posts and custom triggers.

FriendFeed API Core

Does little else but load the core FriendFeed API library for any Plugin that wants to utilize it.


FFDirect will submit your posts to your account the moment they are published.

Social Links Sidebar

Social Links Sidebar is a sidebar widget that displays icon links to your profile pages on other social networking sites. Based on About Me / Social L

Short Post URLS

Shortened Post URLs for twitter or any other social network that may need a short url. Default short URL is ( where 175 is th

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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