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This is a bridge between Wordpress and (SMF) forums. It provides complete user
integration through the use of two plugins, one in

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Themeforest wordpress

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bbPress Live

bbPress Live allows you to pull data from a bbPress 1.0 forum using the new
XML-RPC publishing API in bbPress.

BT-Active Discussions

BT-Active Discussions is a drop in module to output forums-style active discussions table on any page or post.

BuddyPress Groups for bbPress

Enable BuddyPress group forum features in bbPress including group forum moderation.

bbPress Integration

Provides single sign on login with a bbPress installation.

Group Forum Subscripton for BuddyPress

** Deprecated in BP 1.2. Use ** Gives users the ability to subscribe to email

BuddyPress Forums – Move Topic (Planned: Split and Merge Topic)

Plugin URI:
Author URI: <a href="

SMF Bridge

User registration and login bridge between Wordpress and Simple Machine Forum

BuddyPress Better Pagination

Adds pagination links at the bottom of all directories in BuddyPress – in groups, forums, members, friends, blogs, messages. It also makes the paginat

Mingle Forum Guest Info

Mingle Forum Guest Info allows you to enable guest posts to Mingle Forum without registration while still collecting contributor's email info.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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