Codecanyon plugins and scripts

Daily Upload Dir

Organizes your uploads into year, month and day-based folders. Uses the post’s timestamp when creating dirs.

Codecanyon plugins

Best (wordpress) plugins and scripts for your site!


Themeforest wordpress

Best (wordpress) themes and templates for your site!


WP Vault

WP Vault allows you to upload and store any type of files to server, and link to posts without the need for additional coding.

WP Explorer

WP Explorer is an easy way to list directories and files on your server.

eFiles Backup

Creates on demand backups of Uploads, Themes, Plugins and the wp-content directory. Probably only suitable for smaller sites.


Checks wordress installation (database and files) for changes and emails admin if any changes took place.


Exports all your posts to a zip file containing a blosxom style directory
hierarchy of posts.

Change Uploaded File Permissions

This plugin changes the file permissions of thumbnails, pictures and files after the upload.


Security and sanity in file names while uploading.


QF-GetThumb is a plug-in that extracts the image data from the content and the argument, and makes the thumbnail.
Outside RSS can be read depending on

File Inliner

This plugin displays the content of a file in a post.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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