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dbfiles is a plugin that enables storage of files to the MySQL database. Why store files in a database? Short answer: it is easier to handle file meta

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WP Vivtiger Image Resizer

Allows users to crop and resize an image easily using the WordPress attachment system.

WP File-Tree

Using shortcode and templates, post files from a secure web directory with mod_rewrite enabled uri links to view and download.

Change Uploaded File Permissions

This plugin changes the file permissions of thumbnails, pictures and files after the upload.


Contributors : jessai, corimanon, youte , peggy
Tags : upload , file , rapidshare, fichier
Requires at least :
You can upload your files on rapidshare

Link File Info

Display file type and size after links to local media files in posts.

Traffic Limiter

Limits traffic and download bandwidth of media files. Additionally this plugin includes a download statistic system.

External Files Optimizer

Description: automatically combine and compress css/js files generate with wp_head() and wp_footer()

ShopperPress DataFeed Importer

Inject any CSV file data into the WordPress database as new Posts with ShopperPress DataFeed Importer, try the demo now!


FileMan for WordPress allows you to easily change, delete, organize and upload files.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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