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Scandinavian Translator

Translates posts and pages from Danish, Swedish and English to Danish, English and Norwegian (options depends on base language) by redirecting to gram

Codecanyon plugins

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Themeforest wordpress

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wp slug translate

wp slug will set slug by translate title to english with google translate or pinyin.


Replaces english day and month names with their german equivalent

Langtolang Dictionary

Langtolang Dictionary provides a multilingual dictionary service from the sidebar.

Free Dictionary

Free Dictionary Widget for WordPress provides an English Dictionary that gives you English definitions, synonyms, pronunciation, spelling and more.

One Word A Day

Displays a new English word every day with a multiple choice quiz.

WPMU Admin Interface Language

Lets WPMU user to select language in backend administration panel.


This Plug-in links every [[text]] or [[alt.text|link]] with the the appropriate wiki-system. (Option-page in english, german, spanish, norway, portugu

Indoeuropean Translator Widget

Provides links to different automatic translations from the sidebar


Tradivoox : For translate all your blog contents in French,Italian, Spain,German and Japanese.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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