Codecanyon plugins and scripts

Text Control

Take complete control of text formatting options on your blog: Formatting and encoding per post, globally on posts, and globally on comments.

Text Co

Codecanyon plugins

Best (wordpress) plugins and scripts for your site!


Themeforest wordpress

Best (wordpress) themes and templates for your site!


Markdown for WordPress and bbPress

A text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers

MagpieRSS Hotfix

Adds support for RSS enclosures and fixes some character encoding problems.

Base16b Encoder/Decoder

Encode and Decode a section of a post that has been marked up with the custom HTML tag
content to be encoded WordPress Plugin WordPress Plugin allows you to quickly and easily add video into your blog.

MP3 Scraper

a simple and secure mp3 audio player

Aviberry WordPress Video Conversion Plugin

Get videos for your site converted fast and easy.

Ayar Web Kit

This plugin adds the buttons to burmese unicode fonts ayar to zawgyi vice versa..

Full UTF-8

Full UTF-8 adds complete support for all the UTF-8 chars: 1 through 4 bytes long.
Without this plugin, WordPress only supports up to 3 bytes.

All in One Video Pack

Easily add full video capabilities to your blog.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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