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Hottaimoijiruna is a continuously updating AJAX powered clock for your site, with a customisable timezone so that you can display the time of day in y

Codecanyon plugins

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Themeforest wordpress

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Dunstan-style Error Page

A fuller featured 404 error page modeled from


Displays the time since a particular post or page was written.


WP-Smartdate automagically resolves relative dates (e.g. “tomorrow,” “this coming Monday”) and adds the date reference in a machine-readable tag.


Visitors to your site are noticed if the post is old, and are invited to use either archives or the search function.

Last Modified

Displays the date ad time the post/page was last modified.

On This Day

Listing posts which have same calendar date.

Set Default Timezone

Experiencing notices about setting default timezone in PHP 5.1+. This plugin will prevent that notice.

KB Countdown Widget

Displays years/months/days since, until, or between events. Great for tracking a pregnancy (with a bar graph!), time until an election, or whatever. U

Running Time

A Wordpress plugin that outputs your blog’s age in date range, days, weeks, months or years

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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