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KB Backtick Comments

Allows you to paste code into comments or posts by surrounding it in `backticks`, just like in the support forums.

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Comment URL Control

This plugin will allow you to remove an unwanted author-URI entered by a commenter with one single click of your mouse.


AdServe is the advertising server for WordPress. You could setup your banner campaigns
using different sized banners, set available impressions and co

Comment Author URL Stripper

Removes the comment author URL if it contains any of the specified words.

Unique Comment Notify

Unique Comment Notify appends the author’s name to subject of notification e-mails.

Inline Ajax Page

INAP uses AJAX to replace excerpts with the full posts, paginate posts, load comments and submit comments. Comes with a extremely powerful Admin Panel

Top First Commentors

The plugin will show the top first commentors (the numner is number is set by user) of your blog.

Comment Sorter

Allows readers to choose the comment sort order and allows for filtering of Trackbacks/Pingbacks.

Ajax Comment Posting

Ajaxify commenting with the MooTools JS Framework-


Easily separate comments from trackbacks and pingbacks

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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