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WP Custom Title Colour

Adds the option to select a colour for the post title.

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Themeforest wordpress

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WP-Syntax Colorizer

A plugin allowing you to easily set all the WP-Syntax color settings in one place and configure WP-Syntax to fit your theme.


Allows you to display your post titles in any font, colour and background colour. Comes with a selection of fonts to get you started.

CSS:Greyscaper Admin color schemes

Greyscaper admin CSS for WordPress 2.5+.

Baltic Amber Themes & Schemes

With Baltic Amber Themes & Schemes easily create unique color schemes
for your WordPress administration panel and adjust to your preferences.

Ozh & COLOURlovers' Admin CSS Designer

Make your own Admin CSS with a little help from COLOURlovers. Edit, tweak and save CSS real time!


Requires at least:
Just put frame on your picture when the mouse hover.


Requires at least:
You can choose color of admin’s comments

Wp-Syntax Hacktify

Version: 1.0


change font, size and color of the titles.
Cambia el tipo de fuente, el tamaño y el color de los titulos de las entradas.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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