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Top Categories

Display your top x categories by post where x is the number of categories you want to display

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Category Overload

Category Overload provides an alternate administrative interface for managing categories in WordPress. If you’ve got a lot of categories this interfac

Hierarchical Categories

When selecting a child category in a post, this plugin automatically selects its parent categories

Category Reminder

Category Remindr adds a giant color-changing balloon pointing the categories section just below the Publish button


Allows you to create a relationship between User Levels and Categories, so only users with a defined level will be able to post on a chosen category.

Category Tagging

Using categories as tags in WordPress. This plugin provides a tag cloud and related posts. When using this plugin, you can use the WordPress’ catego

List of Posts from each Category plugin for WordPress

Displays a list of the post titles in each category.

If You Liked That

Above, below or embedded within the content of a post, this plugin inserts links to a user selectable number of other posts in the same category as th

Sobek`s Posts in Category

Displays a list of the posts from one or more categories in virtually any way you want.

Quick META Keywords

Automatically adds a META keywords tags between your wordpress html HEAD tags. The categories are used as keywords.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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