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BuddyPress Group Tags

Categorize BuddyPress groups using tags. Show a clickable tag cloud above the group listings or as a widget.

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Community Blogs for BuddyPress

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License: GNU General Public License 3.0 (GPL) <a href="" rel="nofo

Bulk Import Members (Users)

With this plugin you can Bulk Import Members (Users) to your Wordpress MU + BuddyPress installation .

User Import for BuddyPress (All Fields)

With this plugin you can import users with all fields to your Wordpress MU + BuddyPress installation.

BuddyPress Groups for bbPress

Enable BuddyPress group forum features in bbPress including group forum moderation.


Contains core functions of BPDEV Plugins ( a set of BuddyPress plugins ).

Twitter To Wire

This plugin will allow your twits to be automatically added to your Buddy Press wire. You must have 2 things: 1. Wordpress MU, 2. Buddy Press

Invite Friends

Invite friends on buddypress social network from MSN, gmail, Yahoo, facebook and twitter.

BuddyPress Contents

BuddyPress Contents is a content aggregation and organization tool for BuddyPress. It implements Tags and hierarchical Categories for any type of cont

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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