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Favatars is a plugin that enables each comment/pingback/trackback to be accompanied by the website favicon (if available).

A little less cryptically,

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Ozh' Avatar Popup

Add CSS popups next to mailto links or next to any word. Can be any custom image, and has gravatar support.


This plugin allows you to generate a openvatar URL complete with size, default, and border options. See the documentation for syntax and usage.


Creates a unique, persistent geometric icons avatar for each commenter based on email address.


Use avatars from services like Gravatar and MyBlogLog in your posts, comments and pingbacks


Creates a unique, persistent monster avatar for each commenter based on email address.


A personal widget with shows users avatar, name and some metainformation.


Avartars Pictomato dans Wordpress

Profile Pic

Allows authors to add a picture to their profile and automates the process of displaying profiles. Highly configurable via plugin and widget settings.

Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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