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Zensor doesn’t work for the current version of WordPress, probably won’t be updated anytime soon, and could cause loss of life, limb, or data.

Zensor enforces a two-step publishing workflow in WordPress. The two steps are:

  1. An author submits an article (post/page) for review.
  2. A moderator approves or disapproves the article.

The article is only visible after the second step. The author can add a note that the
moderator can read when evaluating the article. Similarly, the moderator can include
a justification for his/her decision.


Who is a moderator is determined by the zensor_moderate capability. Upon installation,
the Administrator is assigned this capability. Also, a new role, Zensor Moderator is created, which
only has this capability and read. This is a dedicated user for moderation, eliminating
potential conflicts of interest. The Zensor Moderator cannot modify posts in any way
except to accept/reject them and add a note that will be sent back to the author. Perfect for
the boss who needs to sign off on everything, but shouldn’t be allowed to add his own opinion.
If you’d like other roles to be able to moderate, then you can grant them the zensor_moderate
capability using the Role Manager plugin.


Every time someone does something, the other party is notified. These notifications include:

  • Hello author, your article was just approved/rejected.
  • Hello moderator, an article was just saved that you need to look at.

Notification frequencies for both author and moderator can be independently set
to either immediate, hourly, or daily. All messages can be edited through the
options interface.

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Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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