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WP Vivtiger Image Resizer

What is the Vivtiger Image Resizer?

The Image Resizer allows you to use the existing WordPress attachment system to upload, crop, and resize an image easily.

The plugin was designed to be simple and straight forward and is a bare-featured image-upload/crop/resize solution.

Visit the official plugin page for more screenshots and to leave a comment.

Who is Vivtiger Image Resizer For?

Vivtiger Image Resizer is for those who take a lot of screenshots and like to include them in posts. The plugin allows you to specify a maximum width and resize images based on the maximum width of your blog.


Vivtiger Image Resizer has the following features:

  • Set the maximum width for images on your blog.
  • Assign a crop ratio for resized images.
  • Use the existing WordPress attachment system. There’s no need to learn a different system.
  • Images are cropped and resized using AJAX.
  • Large images can be inserted into a post with a single click.
  • Large images can be launched in a new window.
  • Numerous admin panel options.
  • You can override crop options per image upload.

See a Demonstration

For a demonstration, please view the following videos:

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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