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WP-PagesNav is a plugin which can be used to display a navigation bar using the
static pages in your blog. When the plugin is activated, the function
wp_pages_nav() is available in the Themes. To change the behaviour of the plugin
you can pass the function a query string. The following parameters are
– show_all_parents
If show_all_parents is set then the navigation will get larger and larger
the further down the page hierarchy you navigate.
– show_root
If show_root is set then also the top most pages are displayed.
– current
If current is set then wp_pages_nav doesn’t choose the currently viewwed page.
It uses what is passed in current as the currently viewed page ID.

Also all of the parameters of the get_pages function are supported. Which are:
– child_of
Only select pages which are a child of child_of. Default: 0
– sort_column
Database column by which to sort the pages. Default: post_title
– sort_order
Wether to sort ascending or descending. Default: ASC
– exclude
Pages to exclude Default: none

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Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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