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The plugin is Google Map widget builder, currently three major widgets are supported:

  • Guest Locator — locate and display the current visitor on Google Map
  • Online Tracker — very similart to Guest Locator, except that it also show other online users
  • Stats Map — collect visitors’ geolocation and make clouds on Google Map
  • Weather Map — show weather forecast of specific location on Google Map

It generates HTML codes, so that you can easily copy and paste it to sidebar widget or posts/pages. (To use it as a widget, go to Presentation ->Widgets, add a Text Widgets and paste the code there.)

Guest Locator

The simplest widget. Just put a welcome message (plain text or HTML), and the widget will locates your visitors and welcome them. Macros like %country%, %country_code%, %city%, %latitude% and %longitude% are available.

Online Tracker

Almost the same as Guest Locator, except that this widget also shows other online users, and refresh every minute. You have two extra tag %online_user_count% and %online_other_user_count% besides those in Guest Locator.


Stats Map

This widget must be enabled to take effect. It loads little by little and finally displays all your visitors’ location.


Output Pagesize is maximum output count each step(you needn’t change it generally). Date of Birth is very useful option, only visitor visiting after the birthday will be shown on Stats Map. Authentic Key is a private key, with which you can subscribe statistics by RSS feed. A public Daily GeoRSS is also available.

Public GeoRSS on Google Maps

Weather Map

This widget shows a simple weather report on Google Maps. You need to get your Google AJAX Feed API Key(From Google) and the location id (from Yahoo! Weather).

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