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Video Bracket Tag

This plugin provides the ability to embed a number of video objects into your WP pages. The formatting is based off of the familiar BBCode tagging, so anyone who regulars forums these days will already be comfortable with their usage.

The current supported formats are:

  • – bliptv
  • College Humor – collegehumor
  • Daily Motion – dailymotion
  • Google – google
  • Hulu – hulu
  • LiveLeak – liveleak
  • MySpace – myspace
  • Revver – revver
  • Veoh – veoh
  • Vimeo – vimeo
  • Yahoo – yahoo
  • Youtube – youtube
  • Youtube Custom Player – youtubecp
  • Youtube Playlist – youtubepl

The tags accept a number of parameters. Justification, Width, Aspect Ratio and a text Blurb are all editable on a per tag basis.

[youtube id="gEzm4qMRC54" JUST="CENTER" SIZE="340" RATIO="16:9" BLURB="This is my test blurb" AUTOPLAY="20"]
[youtube gEzm4qMRC54]
[youtube=M5McvNTdEAE,LEFT,340,16:9,This is my test blurb,AUTOPLAY]

This will embed a youtube video left justified with a width of 340, aspect ratio of 16:9 and the blurb of “This is my test blurb” as its link.

Ordering of these parameters does not matter, and no, its not case sensitive.

Currently Supported Parameters

  • FLOAT – Left Justification
  • LEFT – Left Justification
  • RIGHT – Right Justification
  • NOLINK – Do not include video origin link
  • LINK – Force Inclusion of video origin link
  • Ratio – Accepted Ratios are – 16:9 16:10 1:1 221:100 5:4 – All other provided values are set to 4:3 (the most common video ratio)
  • Numerical Values – If you provide any numerical values you are setting the width of your video.
  • Alphanumeric Values – When you post your video you may want to change the text value from the default to something descriptive or to caption something in the video.

  • Selected video players only:

  • AUTOPLAY – Autoplay video when loaded
  • NOAUTOPLAY – Don’t autoplay video when loaded – if you have autoplay defaulted to on.

Free Download: Download this plugin

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