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Simplelife takes your feeds from around the internet and aggregates them into one online trail. See your flickr uploads, your delicious favourites and your most recent tracks all in one chronological lifestream!

Just use <?php simplelife(); ?> in any page template to insert the lifestream.

SimpleLife is also widget ready! If your theme supports widgets, just go to the widget admin panel and drag the picturgrid widget where you want it. The SimpleLife widget makes use of the default options!


  • Works With All Feeds – even feeds. MagpieRSS, provided by WordPress and used by other plugins doesn’t work correctly with feeds.
  • Feed Icons – provided by the feeds themselves (using appropriate site favicon) or custom icons (provided by you).
  • Install And Go – no settings to play with, uses existing wordpress cache, just insert your usernames and choose your color schemes (or don’t).
  • Compact/Lightweight – you won’t get lifestream specific CSS on every page where its not needed and you get one function – its all handled on the lifestream page itself.
  • Widget Ready – Add your lifestream to your sidebar widget style!
  • Themeable – WYSIWYG Styling Options, see examples in the options page “right here, right now”.
  • Support for as many and as obscure services as possible. We have already included stuff that no one else does like PMOG, Atheist Nexus, Cocomments, Getboo etc.
  • Longer history via utilizing google reader.
  • Comment tracking from everywhere. That is, each time you leave a comment in the blogosphere or in a forum, it will show in your lifestream (AFAIK, no other lifestreaming service does this)
  • Pie Charts. 🙂

See the Plugin Project Page for more information and an update list. You can see a sample here.

=Important Notes=

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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