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For WordPress 2.3: Please try and use Simple Tags Plugins

The two mostly used tagging plugins are the Ultimate Tag Worrior (UTW) and Jerome’s Keywords.

I think most people use UTW, however especially its performance has been criticized in the past. Also, it does not provide a auto-complete type-ahead dropdown menu when tagging posts but it always displays all tags of the entire WordPress installation which can be quite annoying if you have really many tags.

Jerome’s Keywords is unfortunately still in beta and it seems that the project will not be continued.

With Simple Tagging Plugin, I’ve coded another tagging plugin for WordPress which is based on Jerome’s Keywords plugin and can ”’import”’ all your tags from UTW or Jerome.

It provides you with everything you need for tagging, in the following a list of the features:

  1. Import your tags from UTW or Jerome’s Keywords
  2. A field for tagging your posts easily incl. type-ahead feature
  3. Display Tags of the current posts
  4. A tag cloud with various options
  5. Displaying a list of related posts
  6. Related Tags feature when browsing your tags (idea stolen from
  7. Adding tags (& categories if enabled in the options) as meta keywords in the header
  8. Adding tags as categories in the feed (this will index your tags with Technorati)
  9. Tag management: rename tags, delete tags, replace tags, convert categories to tags, etc.
  10. Support of embedded tags ([tags]tag1, tag2, tag3[/tags]): You can tag posts directly by entering the tags in the post using [tags]tag1, tag2, tag3[/tags]. This makes it possible to tag posts when you use an external blogging application like BlogDesk or Windows Live Writer.
  11. A feed (RSS, RSS2, Atom) for any tag
  12. Tag cloud for specific category
  13. Automatically display the tags of a post after the post content
  14. Generate Tag Tabs with jQuery !
  15. Manage Tags Cloud in FULL WordPress Mu Site !
  16. List posts from all blogs for a specific tags in WordPress Mu !
  17. Edit mass tags ! 20 posts at the same time !

And more…

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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