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Important Notice
This plugin is deprecated and is no longer maintained by it’s original author. You should use One Click Plugin Updater instead.

If you really want to use this plugin you can download the last stable version by clicking “Other versions” (see the menu to the right) and selecting 0.9.8-old.

If you use the big red “Download” button you will get a version that will try to automatically transform into the One Click Plugin Updater plugin. This, while no doubt interesting from the programmer’s point of view, isn’t very reliable or safe, so don’t try it unless you have to 😉

Readme for version 0.9.8

OneClick is a WordPress Plugin+Firefox Extension combo which will change the way you look at wordpress forever. It reduces the effort needed to install a plugin or a theme for wordpress to just one simple click. ItÂ’s excellent for admins, non-techies, people with restrictive firewalls, and just about anyone who uses wordpress and installs plugins and themes.

Please install the corresponding firefox extension for maximum enjoyment :). Of course, oneclick will work without the extension, but the extension won’t work without the plugin.Please install the corresponding firefox extension for maximum enjoyment :).

The main features of this plugin are:

* Install any plugin/theme from the zip file on your hard drive.
* Install any plugin/theme from any URL of the zip file
* perform easy maintenance and upgrades
* automatically checks for updates, and installs updates itself, if required.
* Auto diagnostics wether everything is working properly.

OneClick is also the only wordpress plugin to come bundled with itÂ’s own firefox extension. If you see any cool link to download a plugin or a theme, (like the ones on this page, wordpress extend, or, all you need to do is right click on any link and select the type(theme/plugin) and itÂ’ll get automatically uploaded.

OneClick also comes with the purgatory, a backup and deletion system that is completely independent of wordpressÂ’ database and php, so if a plugin messes up the entire admin interface, you can easily delete it.

Apart from that some other features are:

* One touch zip backup of all your themes and plugins for your downloading pleasure.
* experimental “upload and auto-activate”(disabled in the current release, but easy enough to try for the brave at heart)

Quick notes:

Using the firefox extension: Install the extenison, restart firefox, go to Tools/Addons/OneClick and select the “options” button on it. Now log into your wp-admin, and open the oneclick installer. Now enter this url, typically (blog url)/wp-admin/admin.php?page=oneclick/oneclick.php and now you can use it.

Also, while installing, be sure that the link on which youÂ’re right clicking is the Zip file of the plugin or theme. It should be a simple, non-encrypted url for a zip file, and only then itÂ’ll work.

Many people complain that they are not able to delete files and folders created by oneclick. Please use the purgatory module for doing this, you can easily delete files/folders and even back them up, and itÂ’s keyword protected, and independent of wordpress databases and php, so even misbehaving plugins can be easily removed.

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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