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In preparing my site I wanted to have multiple RSS feeds on a single page. Not liking complexity,
the simplest plugin I found was Paul Morley’s FeedSnap which seems to be no longer supported.
However, it only allows a single feed on each post or page. Therefore I rewrote the FeedSnap
plugin to allow multiple feeds, removing its dependence on the lastRSS() parser, and (in my opinion)
simplifying the code somewhat.

MultiFeedsnap is based on Paul Morley’s FeedSnap. Paul Morley’s website is down and so I
have not been able to contact him for consent, though there is no license on FeedSnap.

MultiFeedsnap uses the function TextBetweenArray() posted by mvp at mvpprograms dot com at

MultiFeedsnap also uses the ideas at

MultiFeedSnap has been tested on WordPress 2.5.1 only.

The MultiFeedSnap website is:

You can see an example of its use here:

Please leave some comments and suggestions for improvement. Thanks!

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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