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Now you can easily add search results from Google within your WordPress search results page.

The More from Google plugin adds the required fields to your
search form and outputs the required XHTML and Javascript to display
Google’s results within your WordPress search results page. This can be

  • simply to provide your readers with related results from other sites.
  • with google site search to provide the readers with supplemental results so they can search WordPress pages and non-WordPress pages on your site.
  • encourage readers to stay at your site longer.
  • increase your revenue through Google’s AdSense for Search program.

The More from Google plugin, also allows you to specify a search term for each post. This search term is used to create a link at the bottom
of your post linking to search results for that term. This encourages
your readers to Google for related articles, without leaving your site.

How it Works

Google provides an option to have their results embedded within your page. To achieve this, Google can provide you with code for a custom search form and code for displaying the results.

The More From Google plugin creates a merged search form, combining Google’s search form, with the default WordPress search form. When this merged search form is submitted, it tells both WordPress and Google to perform the search. Because Google’s portion of the form
is designed to be destination independent (it doesn’t care what what page your results are shown on) there form is still directed to the WordPress search results page.

Your search results page will display the WordPress search results as usual and with slight modification using the display code from Google, it will also show the search results from Google.

The More from Google link at the bottom of each post call a Javascript function that populates the search form and then submits it. Because the embedded results from Google will only be displayed if Javascript is enabled in your readers browser, the More from Google link is only displayed if Javascript is enabled.

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