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Mahjong Icons

This is a simple plugin that replaces mahjong tile expressions in your posts or comments to the mahjong tile icon images.

Supported expressions are following:

  • [1p], [2p], …[9p] : 1-9 dots (pin-zu)
  • [1s], [2s], …[9s] : 1-9 bamboos (so-zu)
  • [1m], [2m], …[9m] : 1-9 characters (man-zu)
  • [5pr], [5sr], [5mr] : red 5’s (aka-wo)
  • [ton] : East (ton)
  • [nan] : South (nan)
  • [sha] : West (sha)
  • [pei] : North (pei)
  • [hak] : White (haku)
  • [hat] : Green (hatsu)
  • [chu] : Red (chun)
  • [ura] : Backside (ura)

Adding ‘l'(landscape) after each expression shows the 90-degree-rotated image. For example, [1pl] shows rotated [1p] image.

You can escape the expression by adding another braces like [[1p]].

All icons are from the website and those are the copyright-free.

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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