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This plugin adds IDN support to WordPress, making it an IDNA application. An IDN is a domain name that contains non-ascii characters.
This plugin enables one to set the WordPress address (URL) to an IDN. (instead of the Punycode Representation)

Examples of an IDN:

  • bü
  • domæ
  • nö
  • uddannelsesstø
  • mü
  • räksmörgå
  • 画像.jp

“An IDNA-enabled application is able to convert between the internationalised
and ASCII representations of a domain name. It uses the ASCII form for DNS
lookups but can present the internationalised form to users who presumably
prefer to read and write domain names in non-ASCII scripts such as Arabic or
Hiragana. Applications that do not support IDNA will not be able to handle
domain names with non-ASCII characters, but will still be able to access such
domains if given the (usually rather cryptic) ASCII equivalent.” –
IDN entry at Wikipedia

In simple terms, this plugin allows one to set their blog url to an IDN.

If you are interested in seeing what the PUNYCODE version of your IDN is, here is an online conversion tool

As an example:

Frau Müller has a blog and wants to use the IDN, http://www.mü
Currently, she would have to set the WP blog url, (General Settings menu) to
the Punycode version:, (which is the ascii representation
of mü this would allow users using a IDN aware web browser to access
the site using the desired url: http://www.mü
(and also of course,

It is more convenient for Frau Müller to use the actual IDN
http://www.mü as the WP blog url setting (General Settings menu),
this plugin enables that functionality.

There are a few caveats with using this plugin, depending on what Browser, Operating
System and versions used, one can get unexpected results.

Firefox >= 3.*

Firefox supports IDN’s but maintains a ‘whitelist’ of ‘safe’ domains.
.com, .net, .eu are not white listed for safety reasons, so IDN’s on these
domains will display as Punycode. see bug:

There is an new (‘experimental’) Firefox add-on,
IDN Navbar, which
will enable all (whitelisted – Punycode) domains to display as IDN’s.
So, if using Firefox and this plugin you (and your visitors) may want to install that addon.

Internet Explorer >= 7.*

Depending on your language set up, site’s that contain non ‘native language’
characters will display as Punycode and not the IDN. More info
msdn blogs
msdn libs1
msdn libs2

Safari/Opera 10.* seem to display IDN’s for all domain’s fine. (untested)

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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