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iCal for Events Manager

Creates an iCal feed for Events Manager based on Events Calendar plugin by YukataNinja.

Based on Gary King’s iCal Posts and modifications by Jerome.

Currently, the timezone information is hardcoded as Chicago in the ical-ec.php file. The next version will allow editing this from the admin panel

See below for examples of managing timezones.


  • I’m trying to fix the markdown syntax, I’m using this
  • Somehow I didn’t push the actual revision to 1.0.4 like I thought.
  • Also corrected example, that forceoffset should be uses with ical, ical=rss, or ical=cron


  • To force the use of the WordPress GMT offset include the get variable forceoffset in your url. This makes it work in Google Calendar for me
    forceoffset, uses the gmt_offset in WordPress
  • Example: http://your-domain/?ical=cron&forceoffset

  • Also fixed the line breaks


Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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