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iCal Events for Multiple iCalendars

I am currently modifying this from my private version to one that is more easily extensible in the admin section. This version may not work right.
Not widgetized in this version.
Example code. I like to use the Execute PHP Widget to encapsulate this code:

Here are the parameters to display two events:
url1 = url of the first iCalendar
url2 = url of the second iCalendar
link_description = 1 if you want to include the link description
limit = the number of events to display
alt_open = 1 if it’s not loading properly without this
custom_reload1 = time in milliseconds before the cached copy is reloaded for url1
custom_reload2 = time in milliseconds before the cached copy is reloaded for url2
gmt_start=’ . time() you can use this to set the start time for events being displayed

and you can manually reload it by loading your page if you are logged in as admin

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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