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Hikari Internal Links

Don’t worry anymore of linking a post or a category, to later change its title or slug, or changing your posts permalinks, and creating invalid links to your own site pages.

Hikari Internal Links provides a shortcode that dynamically generates links to most WordPress resources. You can query these resources based on their ID or slug, and these links are generated dynamically. Therefore if you change a resource’s title or permalink, its links will be updated automatically.


  • A shortcode generates links to internal pages dynamically
  • If the permalink changes, links are updated automatically
  • You can get links based on resources ID or slug
  • If resource isn’t found, you get a warning text surrounded by class wpdberror, which is hidden from your visitors and shown to you with a yellow background so that it’s easy to notice and fix

Available Resources

  • posts, pages and custom types, based on ID or slug
  • comments, based on ID
  • categories, tags and custom taxonomies, based on ID or slug
  • feeds for categories, tags, comments of a post, based on their ID or slug
  • if current resource was already set to global variable, you can use ID 0 to link to current resource

This plugin is a fork from Michael Toppa‘s Post-to-Post Links II.

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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