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Highlight Source Pro

Powerful, flexible, XHTML-compliant, server-side code highlighting, credits for everything
but ‘making it a plugin’ go to Jay Pipes
and GeSHi.


  • Highlight sources of any language
  • automatically, server-side (no javascripts)
  • XHTML-Compliant, <div>, <ul>, <span> with class-attributes and a css-file are used for styling
  • optionally add a heading for every code-block
  • optionally specify line-number offset (BREAKS XHTML COMPLIANCE)
  • optionally don’t display line-numbers
  • set per-codeblock if the code is html_entity_encoded or not
  • only parses <pre>-tags with the lang=-attribute, thus does not interfere with any regular preformatted contents you might have
  • degrades beautifully through <pre>-tags (if you keep the sources clean, that is)
  • all settings through logical, valid arguments for the main container
  • comes with generic cross-browser CSS (tested: IE5.5+, FF, Safari, Opera)

Version History

  • 1.3: Thanks to a tipp now the link-path to the stylesheets is correct, sorry for the inconvenience
  • 1.2: Leading whitespace isn’t stripped anymore (indents as well as newlines), when there’s no title the title-div is not being generated anymore
  • 1.1: Solved the issue with single-quotes being changed to typographical quotes

Known Issues

While the plugin is basically XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant there’s just no way of getting the offset-based line-numbering to display without inadequate (ab)use of javascript and css hacks, so be warned that IF you use the line-number offset, your documents will NOT validate because of the forbidden start=-attribute for the <ol>!

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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