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I was looking for simple statistics feed plugin for WordPress for the Yahoo! Widget that I was planning to create to monitor my WP site
status. However, I gave up searching because there are too many plugins are out there and decided to create one by myself. In fact, this is
my first plugin and took me quite some time to analyze how to create one. So please be patient and let me know if something is not working right.

Basically , this HANA-XML-STAT plugin shows Six blog statistics.

  • Total number of Spam caught by Akismet
  • Number of spams in Moderation (Akismet)
  • Number of comments in Moderation
  • Total number of posts
  • Total number of comments
  • Total number of categories.

Additional hit counters info are shown if you have wp-shotstat, wp-slimstat, or its derivatives
* Today and Yesterday’s total hit counter
* Today and Yesterday’s unique hit counter

The full URL is shown at the bottom of the Admin Optins Page. For example, if you WordPress URL is “”, below
would be your XML feed URL.

You will be able to control the visibility of the first three items in the Admin Options Page. Also, you can allow only login user to view
the status.

Also, there is a little function that you can use in your template to show the statistic, so please refer to the installation section below.

I am planning to add some more key staticts, so let me know if you want to add anything.

This plugin is under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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