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FeedBack is a standard inspired by PingBack, and designed to establish relatively secure push
mechanisms for feed sharing and management. Feedback is standard developed in the frame of
iCamp project (See To be able to understand the point, just imagine you are subscribed to different newspapers,
and each newspaper sends an e-mail to you whenever something new happens, and whenever you open your
inbox you see some mails coming from different newspapers, which means in your inbox you hold an aggregated
content of different newspapers. So, feedback plug-in for WordPress enables you to use such mechanism for blogs, in our
example the subscription was one way, but in feedback case each blog owner can subscribe and can be
subscribed by others. If you subscribe other people’s blogs, whenever a user posts something, your
blog is “notified” and you get the updated content, which enables you to reach an aggregated content
provided by other blogs from your own blog. It is important to note that a blog that you are subscribed
to is called as “Channel”, and the content it provides to you is called as “feed”, whenever someone
wants to subscribe your blog, he sends you a “subscription request”, or whenever someone wants you
to get subscribed to him, he sends you a “subscription offer”. Please see the tutorial in plugin folder for more information.

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Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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