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eMob Email Obfuscator

  • (v. 1.1) Now works with PHP 4

This plugin sits snugly inside your WordPress installation and silently but effectively makes it very difficult for spambots to harvest email addresses from your WordPress-powered blog. This is accomplished with a combination of WordPress filter hooks and a little bit of JavaScript.

After installation, visitors to the site will see email addresses as one of two formats:

  1. A fake email address with a message telling them to hover the mouse over the address to see the actual one in a human-readable format;

  2. If the browser is JavaScript-enabled, all email addresses appearing on your
    blog will appear to the casual visitor as normal, valid, and correct
    addresses, but spambots will have difficulty reading these addresses because
    execution of JavaScript is required to see the real address in this format.

The plugin is active in both the content section and the comments section: if a visitor inadvertently (or intentionally) posts a valid email address in a comment, it will be protected by this plugin as well.

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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