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Click the easy2hide button in HTML editor, and put your contents needed to hide between<!--easy2hide start{reply_to_this=true}--> and <!--easy2hide end-->.

If you just want to hide some contents from visitors not replying to the CURRENT post, use <!--easy2hide start{reply_to_this=true}-->some hidden contents<!--easy2hide end--> in HTML editor; or if you want to hide some contents from visitors not replying to ANY posts, delete the letters between { and }.
如果你只是想对未在某篇文章发表过评论的访客隐藏内容,使用<!--easy2hide start{reply_to_this=true}-->一些隐藏内容<!--easy2hide end-->;或者如果你想对所有未发表过任何评论的访客隐藏内容,删除{和}之间的词。

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  • Newer versions are maintained by PeeMau.

  • 新版本由PeeMau维护。


  • English 英文
  • Simple Chinese 简体中文
  • Translation is always welcome!


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Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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