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ComplexLife is a fork from Kieran’s SimpleLife which has been on hiatus/slow development for a while.

Simply, it shows your activity for any service that gives a date sorted rss/atom activity feed. The plugin then displays all that activity in any place you want it sorted by time, as a personal lifestream. You can see a sample here


  • All the features provided with version 1.1 of Simplelife (the point of the fork) and I will also attempt to merge any new future changes as well
  • Support for as many and as obscure services as possible. I have already included stuff that no one else does like PMOG, Atheist Nexus, Cocomments, Getboo etc.
  • Longer history via utilizing google reader.
  • Comment tracking from everywhere. That is, each time you leave a comment in the blogosphere or in a forum, it will show in your lifestream (AFAIK, no other lifestreaming service does this)
  • Pie Charts. 🙂

=Important Notes=

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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