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How many times you been to a blog where Trackbacks/Pingbacks were interspersed with the regular comments? Or perhaps you wanted the comments to be displayed with the latest one on the top instead of the bottom. With Comment Sorter, readers can disable Trackbacks and also decide what order they would like to read the comments.

As an admin, you also have the ability to assign global options to your comments that you can’t normally do in the WordPress admin panel. For example, if you want Trackbacks to not show on all of your posts, you can do that without modifying any template files. You can also change the default sort order of the comments.

For bug reports, feature requests, and support requests, please contact me.

Demonstration Videos

For videos and screenshots of the plugin in action, please visit the Comment Sorter Media Page.

User Features

  • Prevent Trackbacks/Pingbacks from showing.
  • Sort comments by Date Ascending.
  • Sort comments by Date Descending.
  • Sort comments by Name Ascending.
  • Sort comments by Name Descending.
  • The ability to remember options.

Admin Features

  • Ability to change default sort order of comments without modifying template files.
  • Ability to disable Trackbacks/Pingbacks for all posts without modifying template files (you will still receive Trackbacks/Pingbacks, they just won’t show on a post).
  • Can disable the auto-include of the sorter interface (useful if you only want this to be an admin tool).

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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