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BuddyPress Group Tags

This plugin allows you to assign tags to BuddyPress groups in order to categorize them. You can then show a clickable tag cloud above the group
listings or as a widget. BuddyPress 1.5 friendly.

New to version 2.0. You can show group activity stream based on tag. For example, if you have ten groups tagged ‘sports’ you can show a combined activity feed for just those groups. It’s powerful stuff for larger sites with lots of conversations. using the gtags_group_activity() function you can even find the activity of groups that share two tags, or you can show activity for two tags added together.

Group Tag activity shortcode example: [group_tag_activity tag=Love show=10]

There is a group tag activity widget

There is an admin where you can turn off and on different aspects of the group tags as well as customize the tag cloud.

Swedish: Malin Jonsson –
please email translations to so I can include them in the next update.

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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