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This PlugIn will link every [[text]] or [[alt.text|link]] with the the appropriate wiki-system or searchsystems. (Option-page in english, german, dutch, spanish, french, portugues, norway, russian, chinese, and hebrew).

Better-Wiki-Links supports every bigger wikipedia (more than 250.000 articles) and via alternate-URL every other Wiki-system, even searchfunctions.

  • simple settings for Wiki-links
  • using both Wiki-schemes ([[text]] and [[link|text]])
  • every Wiki usable, without knowledge in HTML or PHP
  • could use many other searchfunctions (Google, Ebay, Amazon,…)
  • global controls for all links from one single page
  • flexible linking-options (target, follow or nofollow)
  • optional use of ALT and/or TITLE-attributs
  • individual CSS-styles for the [[link]]
  • every options in English and German, Dutch, Norsk, Spanish, Portugues, Russian and Hebrew

New in 1.6.0

  • [[tooltip||link]] (two pipes) will show “link” in Blog AND wiki, but with “tooltip” for tooltip/title/alt. (only with activate tooltip-option!)

New in 1.6.0

  • Alternative Pattern (( )), << >>, {{ }}

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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Codecanyon plugins and scripts
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