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Benjamin Sterling Galleries

Note: This plugin has been renamed and revised with some major improvements, the new plugin is located at PhotoXhibit

This plugin is called Benjamin Sterling Galleries and its purpose is to allow you to use your Flickr or Picasa account and to post those images together in one photo / image gallery. Yes, I know, there are already WordPress plugins that work with picasa and/or with flickr. However, although this is true, I have not gotten a single one of them to work without hacking something and they only either worked with picasa or flickr but not both. “I am using one of those plugins now and it works fine, what makes yours so special?” jQuery! “Can you elaborate?” Yes, my plugin utilizes jQuery to do all the heavy lifting and it uses some very good photo gallery plugins that were writen for jQuery by myself and some other very gifted individuals.

These are the current jQuery image / photo gallery plugins that are installed into the system:

There is a long list of additions/advancements I want to do with this plugin, but your feedback and input would be most appreciated.

Full support will be handled at the plugin’s website

** Please leave feedback and let me know what you think **

Free Download: Download this wp-plugin

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